Welcome to The Ricebarn Thailand

About Us

The Rice Barn Thailand is a private garden residence, lovingly built to incorporate traditional Thai wooden houses with modern conveniences. Each house is hand made and has its own special character even before they were relocated to be preserved here.

The serene garden villa consists of five lovely northern-styled wooden 'rice-barn' houses with nine well-equipped comfortable bedrooms, in the naturally calming garden with big and small lawns.

Wrapped in the historically rich artisanal culture, still well-preserved nature and traditional farming villages surrounded with green vast rice fields, this little homely residence is a perfect nest for you to slow down, to enjoy peace and serenity, watching the slow life pacing by.

We arrange a rich selection of activities, recommended for short-stay guests. These involve arts and crafts, health, and excursion retreats, all customisable to your liking.

The Ricebarn is originally a private family residence inspired by the lovely little northern teak rice-barns, the small scaled rustic villages, rich delicate art/craft skills, local traditional culture, and cooler weather amidst the calm embracing mountains. We cater for like-minded visitors who are interested not only in the historic city of Chiang Mai, but also in simple way of local living with so much to offer.

Staying with Us

We are easy to find at 20.5 km south of Chiang Mai on the 108 road, mid-point between the city and the Mae Wang mountain range. The distance from the hustle bustle of the city centre gives us a quiet retreat atmosphere, nearer to the local village life. So we would strongly recommend the following ways to stay with us, to make the most of your visit:
• Short Stay without your own car/motorbike

Please visit our Activities section and choose your own activity programme to plan and book with us in advance. Minimum stay 3 nights, except our package.
• Short Stay with your own car/motorbike

We are happy to advise on how to best spend your time around, and guide you to some of our favourite places. You will have the freedom to go anywhere anytime. Minimum stay 3 nights.
• Long Stay

It’s possible to use the public transport which is convenient and frequent during the day, but local buses stop working around 5-6pm. We recommend you to have your own vehicle - we are happy to help you find reasonable rental for the duration of your stay.